MAJ (R) Rich Thompson

Season 1 | Episode 35
2h 38m | Jul 15, 2023

In this special episode, recorded in person, hosts Clay and Mike engage in a heartfelt discussion with MAJ (R) Rich Thompson. The episode delves into Rich's early beginnings, his military enlistment, and the formative experiences that paved the way for his successful career. The conversation highlights the unique leadership development within the Ranger Regiment and explores the profound impact of the Ranger pipeline in nurturing exceptional leaders.

The hosts and guest also reflect on their personal journeys and discuss what they would change if they could go back in time. They share regrets about missed opportunities to connect with esteemed Rangers from the past, emphasizing the value of learning from those who came before them.

Rich provides insightful accounts of his arrival at 3/75 following the Somalia conflict and how this experience influenced his initial years in the regiment. The conversation takes a significant turn as they delve into Rich's involvement in the Iraq invasion, where he served with the 3rd ID. Rich offers a unique perspective on the integration of Rangers from an external standpoint, highlighting the valuable insights gained during his time overseeing operations as a conventional officer within the community.

An inspiring aspect of the discussion centers around Rich's triumphant return to the Ranger Regiment following open heart surgery. His resilience and determination serve as a testament to the unwavering spirit of these elite soldiers.

The conversation takes a poignant turn as they explore the topic of loss, the weight of taking lives, and the internal struggles faced by soldiers in quiet moments. They candidly address the challenges of self-reflection and the constant battle against one's own demons.

Join Clay, Mike, and MAJ (R) Rich Thompson for an episode filled with introspection, valuable insights, and a deep appreciation for the extraordinary journey of a Ranger.

Note: This episode marks the first in-person recording featuring Clay and Mike, adding an extra layer of authenticity and connection to the conversation.

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