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IndieLiga Football Chat

Three British football fanatics talk about all sorts of different football topics with a non mainstream left wing feel, over a beer and with a good sense of humour. However, we do touch on the Premier League every now and again. In fact we cover everything from non-league York City to the elite like Arsenal. For weekly chilled-out footy musings with beer in hand, IndieLiga Football Chat is the place to be. Oh, and football is soccer for our American friends


Euro 2020 Review So Far, and Preview of the Quarter Finals, with some Graeme Souness
Show Details1hr 9min
Euro 2020 England and Scotland, and a Gout Special
Show Details31min 26s
Euro 2020 Preview, Football Manager Crack and are Esports Rubbish?
Show Details48min 40s
Lancashire are Superior, Brentford, and Way Too Much Cricket
Show Details31min 28s
Austrians and Cellars, Scotland and England Euro 2020
Show Details22min 34s
What are Burnley in different countries?
Show Details36min 20s
T-Shirt Sellers, Bundesliga, Old TV shows and Football
Show Details30min 54s
German 50+1 rule, Barrow 1972 and Where is Milton Keynes?
Show Details37min 49s
European Super League Football and American Franchise Sports
Show Details45min 46s
No Man's Land, Adventures at the End of the World and Scotland
Show Details39min 28s
Environment and Ethics and Pies!
Show Details27min 57s
Left Wing Football Teams and Bamboo Shirts
Show Details34min 21s
Footballers and Greengrocers and Spanish
Show Details23min 5s
Hitchhiking to Plymouth and Capitalism
Show Details24min 23s
Canadian Sporting Superstars
Show Details27min 7s
Bolton Ground Movement and the Blue Brazil
Show Details19min 25s
Sam Allardyce Toby Jug
Show Details31min 55s
Bag of You Know What
Show Details42min 38s