Euro 2020 Preview, Football Manager Crack and are Esports Rubbish?

48m | Jun 10, 2021

Our massive Euro 2020 / 2021 build-up episode asks if there is any home advantage for some of the host countries and why UEFA have come up with the absolute mess of having 24 teams in a tournament. We also talk about teams gaming qualification, how scoring own goals can help your team qualify (when administrators come up with ridiculous rules), and whether England should aim for second place again. Worked well last time, didn't it, Steve McClaren?

Focusing on the teams involved in this rescheduled tournament, we wonder if Germany have a chance in the group of death, who's nailed on for the golden boot, the best bets on offer, and discuss our personal favourites for the tournament (France, obviously) and the teams we'd like to win (not France, obviously). What are England's, Scotland's and Wales's chances of getting more points than the UK embarrassment at Eurovision?

Other topics are total football in Scotland or how they can cope with having Robertson and Tierney in the same position, flowers as national symbol, and do Löw's shitty fingers hold back die Mannschaft?

Finally, we cover football manager games being like crack, and wonder if esports is a bag of shite or we're just getting old.


Indonesia deliberately scoring an own goal in injury time, so they didn't have to face Vietnam in the semi finals (own goal at 56 seconds)

A Barbadian defender deliberately scoring an own goal so his team could win by two goals in extra-time, according to an unconventional golden goal rule

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