Environment and Ethics and Pies!

27m | Apr 5, 2021

In this week's incredibly right-on episode, the team discuss the carbon footprint of football, Forest Green Rovers being the Saint Pauli of environmentalism and how to get FIFA to approve *your* club, ethics in football as Ireland commendably resign from the World Cup and Norway take a stance for human rights, commemerating deaths at football games and questioning whose lives matter, the criteria for deciding would to support if your team went out of business, is it Manchester City? Whether you really give your heart to another team, the morality of removing match footage coverage but not racism from social media, and wonder why Cantona's kung-fu kick style retribution still makes us so happy. Football chat at it's....... we you decide.

We also cover the similarities between Jilly Cooper and Daniel, the tax haven derby, Nigel Pepper getting a Balti Pie memorial, Lego reconstrutions vs highlights, Twitter being a cesspool of nastiness, and Eric Dier's podiatric flexibility.

We hope you enjoy it!

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