T-Shirt Sellers, Bundesliga, Old TV shows and Football

30m | May 5, 2021

In this show we have some stadium chat, who plays at the Jonny Rocks stadium? Who played at the Kit Kat stadium? Is it true, especially in League 2, that mid table teams really do give up and are on the beach?


What is it like when 'normal' people play against professional footballers? Big clubs playing in Non League, what are they doing there!?


References maybe on people in North West England get, Tony Wilson, music, comedy. Then onto Channel 4, shows like The Word, The Tube, Rapido, Eurotrash and Banzai. David Squires genius and the revolution will not be televised.


In North America, some Detroit City and silly MLS names like Inter Miami.


German and Bundesliga talk. Raul playing at Schalke, and now they are rubbish. SV Hamburg in the second Bundesliga. Are St Pauli a proper football club, or just a vehicle for selling t-shirts and a club for people that never watch football. Are the real left wing team Union Berlin?


Football kit chat, Hull City and their horrible tiger kit, Wolves and their lovely kit, Pescara and Napoli in Serie A.


Ian Brown, Morrissey, Matt Le Tissier, do their political views affect how you feel about what they did?


And a little bit about Graham Alexander.


Enjoy the football talk, or soccer for our American friends.

IndieLiga Football Chat