Lancashire are Superior, Brentford, and Way Too Much Cricket

31m | Jun 7, 2021

After Lancashire's flukey win against the mighty Yorkshire, Dale and Stephen get carried away with some cricket talk, so if you are someone who hates cricket or rugby league, you should fast forward 15 mins. Honestly.

We discuss the point(lessness) of the Hundred, names of artificial constructs/invented teams, viewing figures on Sky vs terrestrial TV, origin games in rugby league, and suggest a new triangular competition between Lancashire and Yorkshire combining cricket, rugby league and football. Then we'll see who's best. We also wonder whether it's irrational to like sport? Should we all be joyless gits?

Finally talking about football, this week's episode covers the playoffs showing Lancastrian superiority, Chelsea's transformation under Tuchel. Is it due to him being a cannibal or a mass murderer? Moneyball working wonders at Brentford and Midtjylland, Peterborough's constant unearthing of diamonds, being the victim of your own management success like Wilder at Sheffield United, Morecambes's hopes in League One without a manager.

Joey Barton rears his ugly head again this week, as we talk about the danger of sinking without a trace and dropping two divisions in two seasons. And of course there is reference to our new regular topic: Austrians and cellars.

Plus a Frank Lampard special feature: how to rewrite your CV to make it look like you won the Champions League.

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