No Man's Land, Adventures at the End of the World and Scotland

39m | Apr 15, 2021

In this week's episode we ask are all English people scared of all Scottish people? Was Graeme Souness right about the pressure of buying shoes for kids? Would you rather meet Keane or Souness? Some Alex Ferguson talk, Manchester United and Liverpool legends. Is Carlisle the last shithole before Scotland? Is it worth taking your wife to Workington?

We also cover competing with your neighbours and the collapse of trade unions and communities, companies monitoring workers via webcams, the state vs charity and Cameron's big society, and Danish shock at English poverty.

We do also discuss some football, though. We also wonder why you would sack your manager towards the end of a season when your team has no chance of going up and no danger of going down? What are the motivations of moving to a 'bigger' club you have no chance of playing at? How can you judge where your club should actually be in the table? Is Bolton like a rollercoaster? Was Rochdale the most depressing team to support? How did Alex Ferguson ruined Preston's season? Is it surprising there is corruption in football? And is Tom Cleverly insane for wanting to play for his hometown club?

We hope you enjoy it!

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Check the link for Scotland's own Malcolm Tucker swearing a lot in the film 'In the Loop'

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