European Super League Football and American Franchise Sports

45m | Apr 21, 2021

European Super League (and some other stuff)

Would something like this lead to American sports franchise owners wanting money from local authorities, and if they don’t get it they just leave like they do with Baseball and American Football teams? Joyless American sports with no atmosphere in the stadiums, can this happen here? Can European football fans even get their head around the franchise system?

How football became popular as a workers pastime. Anything that becomes successful, Capitalism takes it away from you.

The so called big 6, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs, is it anything to do with sporting success they were going to be in it? Why only English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga teams, but no German Bundesliga teams? What kind of people do something like this in the middle of a global pandemic? Will this open peoples eyes to the effects of global capitalism?

Some suggested reforms for European competition, go back to knockout and exciting jeopardy football.

Are Sky Sports and BT Sports commentators for criticising the European Super League?

Ceferin being godfather to Agnelli’s daughter, and then Agnelli does this?

A little bit of Rugby League chat.

Final thoughts, can this bring about positive change?

And loads more!

Hope you enjoy our left wing football chat, or soccer for our American friends.

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