Austrians and Cellars, Scotland and England Euro 2020

22m | Jun 2, 2021

In this week's episode, we discuss Scotland's chances at Euro 2020/2021. Could they have the upper hand against England? Great manager, best left-back in the world, decent squad. It's good odds in any case.

We also wonder if betting against your own team is always the best bet? Are England only ever favourites in the minds of England fans? What do England need to be a successful team? A coach or a sports psychologist? A good goalkeeper would certainly help. But perhaps England can gain inspiration from the world's biggest bottle merchants, Spain?

We also talk about the change of mentality within young English players proving themselves abroad and learning about different styles. Players lack of faith in their teammates' abilities, why trying to teach kids about football using England is a bad idea or perhaps a proper introduction, Steve McClaren, and Austrians' obsession with cellars.


Steve McClaren vs Iceland. "I were just sayin":

Get those patriotic juices flowing with a compilation of England goalkeeper mistakes:

It's not just England. Peter Enckelman:

Brian Moore vs Kevin Keegan:


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