Part 1 - The Crown: Gender Equality and How to See Yourself as God Sees You

20m | Mar 23, 2023

Ashley shares a Break Free throwback in part one of her interview with guest Kelly Symone as they discuss Kelly's book, Crowned: Gender Equality and the Gospel. They talk about the complex but also rewarding process of writing a book. They also talk about how Kelly's book covers controversial topics not often discussed in church, like biblical womanhood and how you can have it all without choosing between marriage and your career. The key topics in this episode include the importance of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians, the process of writing the book Crowned: Gender Equality and the Gospel, the controversial topics covered in the book, the importance of confidence and how it comes from knowing who you are in Christ, the difference between what we think we're supposed to do and what God actually wants us to do, and how to see yourself the way God sees you. Be sure to tune in next week for part two of this interview.

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