• Why Customer Marketing Is a Lonely Profession—and Why It Doesn’t Have to Be

    Customer marketing can be a lonely job. That’s bad for customer marketers, their companies, and customers. Evan Jacobs, Head of Customer & Partner Marketing at Chainalysis, shares why customer marketing is both lonely and dangerous, how this isolation impacts our companies and customers, and how to start working more cross-functionally with other teams. 

    31m - Jan 17, 2024
  • The Intersection of Customer Marketing and Customer Education

    Customer education and customer marketing logically overlap but are too often disconnected. Customer education makes great material, and then marketing promotes it. But Shannon Howard, Director of Customer & Content Marketing at Intellum, believes the two functions should combine forces. In this episode, Shannon dives into why customer marketing can better enable customers to turn into advocates, how customer education can scale customer success, and how customer marketing and education can work more closely together.

    32m - Jan 16, 2024
  • Your Customer Is Not Your Enemy

    Customers might not always be right, but they also aren’t the enemy when things go wrong. When SaaS relationships break down, Casey Trujillo, Vice President, Sales Excellence at BrainStorm Inc, sees everyone turn on each other. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this episode, Casey breaks down how to set up SaaS relationships for success and what to do when they break down.

    36m - Jan 16, 2024
  • Making It Personal: Your Key Differentiator to Business Success

    Too often, businesses focus on product personalization. But they don’t focus enough on ensuring their customers are cared for as humans. Best-selling author Dr Joseph Michelli believes this “making it personal” approach is the key to success. In this episode, Dr Michelli shares the meaning of making it personal, why caring for our customers as people is good for business, and examples of companies from Starbucks to The Ritz-Carlton who are doing it right.

    30m - Jan 16, 2024
  • How AI Can Aid—and Hurt—Customer Communities

    In the time of AI, Carrie Melissa Jones believes we need community now more than ever. In this episode, Carrie shares AI's positive and negative impacts on community building, how not to lose our humanity in the age of AI, and some AI tools that can help you scale your customer community efforts the right way.

    34m - Jan 9, 2024
  • 2023 All About the Customer podcast recap

    Let's look back at the year that was. In this episode, we dive into a recap and soundbite from each of 2023's 18 episodes.

    42m - Dec 27, 2023
  • Stop Waiting: Why You Should Engage Customers as Advocates from the Start

    Too often, we wait months—or even years—to engage customers as advocates. But in waiting, we lose out on valuable opportunities. In this episode, Udemy's CMO Dr. Genefa Murphy shares how to engage customers earlier, the massive missed opportunities that happen when you don’t, and why advocacy should truly be a two-way street.

    38m - Dec 13, 2023
  • How Autodesk Is Doubling Down on Customer-Centricity

    Autodesk has long been a product-driven company. And while they were always customer-centric, they knew they needed to double down and shift from being product-driven to customer-driven. In this episode, Vikram Dutt, Vice President of Industry & Portfolio Marketing at Autodesk, shares the reason for this shift, how they’ve codified these approaches in their marketing efforts, and why being more customer-centric has been empowering to his team.

    35m - Nov 29, 2023
  • Why Customer Retention Is a Team Sport

    For a long time, customer retention was viewed as CS' singlehanded responsibility. After all, isn’t that their job? But Kevin Lau, Senior Director of Global Customer Engagement at F5, believes retention is a team sport. Marketing, sales, and CS should come together to create better customer experiences. In this episode, Kevin dishes on why he believes marketing can help CS, why onboarding is a key part of retention, and how to determine the proper swim lanes when multiple teams are involved in ensuring customers are successful.

    43m - Nov 15, 2023
  • From Ivory Tower to Customer-Centric: A Guide to Better Messaging

    How often do you run your key messaging by your customers? Probably not often enough. Sara Varni, CMO at Attentive, believes too much messaging work happens in an ivory tower. In this episode, Sara dives into why marketers tend to work in those ivory towers, what happens when we don’t talk directly to our customers, and shares her framework for how she works through messaging with customers.

    38m - Nov 1, 2023
  • Tapping Into Your Customers to Drive Messaging, GTM Strategy, and Product Decisions

    Great companies tap into their customers to drive everything. At Wrike, they look to their customers to dictate their messaging, go-to-market strategy, and even product decisions. In this episode with Wrike CMO Esther Flammer, we uncover exactly how they start everything with their customer.

    44m - Oct 18, 2023
  • How Zendesk Is Building the Gold Standard in CX

    Zendesk powers customer experiences, so it’s only logical that their own CX is a major focus. But recently, Zendesk decided to double down. In this episode, Teresa Anania, Zendesk’s SVP Global Customer Experience, shares how to get top-down buy-in for customer centricity, how Zendesk believes CX will take their company to the next level, and how you can get even non-customer-facing teams to care about the customer.

    42m - Oct 4, 2023
  • Developing an Outside-In Customer-Centric Mindset

    Starting with our customer in mind sounds obvious, but it’s unfortunately not our default. When we get stuck on the autopilot of our day-to-day roles, we begin with our inside-out mindset. But Johann Wrede, CXO of Emburse, believes an outside-in mindset can set your company apart. In this episode, Johann shares what gets unlocked when organizations think about the customer first, how to be an agent of customer-centric change in your company, and how to change your own mindset.

    41m - Sep 20, 2023
  • G2’s Katlin Hess on the Untapped Power of Customer Reviews

    All marketers know customer reviews are essential—but G2’s Katlin Hess believes they’re still an untapped goldmine. In this episode, Katlin dives into how the voice of your customer can be a differentiator, how to handle negative reviews, and tactical advice for how to get every part of your organization to care about the customer.

    35m - Sep 6, 2023
  • Author Rod Cherkas on Why Marketing Should Have a Bigger Post-Sale Role

    The advent of customer marketing has shown why marketing’s role shouldn’t stop after the sale. Unfortunately, not enough companies are getting on board. But author Rod Cherkas believes that should change. In this episode, Rod shows how marketers’ skill sets nicely mesh with customer success teams, why our existing customers are currently the best source of new bookings, and he dives into his book, The Chief Customer Officer Playbook.

    40m - Aug 30, 2023
  • A Deep Dive Into the B2B Buying Disconnect

    Every year, TrustRadius releases their B2B Buying Disconnect report that shows the misalignment between buyers and sellers. In this episode, we sit down with Allyson Havener, VP of marketing at TrustRadius, to discuss the report in depth, diving into the voice of the customer, marketing resources that make a difference with buyers, and why CFOs are more involved than ever.

    41m - Aug 9, 2023
  • Yes, and Marketing: Unleashing Creativity and Adaptability Through Improv

    Great creatives learn from those outside their field. But can marketers really learn anything from improv? Lauren Turner, Director of Customer Marketing at Alyce, believes they can.

    In this episode, we talk about how Lauren first started bringing her learnings from improv into the marketing world, how improv can lead to more active listening (which can help you connect more deeply with your customers), and how it’s helped Lauren not be afraid to take risks.

    40m - Jul 26, 2023
  • Empower Your Customers and Grow Your Business Through Customer Education

    Many companies have some form of customer education—whether onboarding or knowledge bases—but not many are truly going all in. Mark Kilens (CMO of Airmeet) believes that’s a big miss.

    In this episode, Mark shares his experiences building HubSpot academy, thoughts on why more companies aren’t investing in customer education, and some aspirational examples of companies who are nailing it. 

    38m - May 31, 2023
  • How to Drive Advocacy Across Your Entire Organization

    Advocacy is often thought of as just a marketing responsibility—but it doesn't have to. In this episode, Julie Norquist Roy outlines why advocacy can truly impact every part of the organization, gives ideas for how to align sales and CS to this more customer-centric view, and shares why we lose focus on our customers.

    32m - May 11, 2023
  • Why the Traditional Sales Funnel Is Outdated (and Its Customer-Centric Replacement)

    According to Jeff Pedowitz (author of F the Funnel), the traditional funnel is outdated. It simply doesn't reflect the way modern consumers want to buy. Luckily, he believes there's a better way. In this episode, Jeff shares why the funnel isn't living up to expectations, walks us through his customer-centric replacement, and outlines how to put the customer at the center of your universe.

    43m - Apr 28, 2023
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