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The Writing Forge

Welcome to The Writing Forge, where we discuss tips and tricks for honing your writing craft. Each episode, a guest will join hosts Miranda and Bonnie to hammer out the skills a writer needs to succeed in the writing world. We cover a variety of topics—from the idea phase through publication and beyond—to help you no matter where you are on your writing journey. We believe every writer has something to share to help us all learn and grow!


14: Envision the Future: How Sci-Fi Can Inspire
Show Details20min 22s
13: “I’m Not a Writer:” Battling Imposter Syndrome
Show Details27min 59s
12: A Talk with Shawn Amos
Show Details21min 17s
11: Just… Don’t Take It Too Far
Show Details18min 32s
10: Does Writer’s Block Exist?
Show Details28min 13s
09: Atlas’s Pen: Writing Under Stress
Show Details21min 57s
08: Writing Trauma in Fiction
Show Details26min 24s
07: The Importance of Reading Widely
Show Details28min 58s
06: So You Want to Write a Graphic Novel?
Show Details25min 22s
05: #Bookstagram
Show Details27min 21s
04: Plotting
Show Details18min 15s
03: Research and Novels
Show Details23min 16s
02: Submissions
Show Details23min 57s
01: Balancing Dialogue and Description
Show Details16min 6s