Conflict, Choice, and Consequence

Season 2 | Episode 25
27m | Dec 5, 2023

In this episode, hosts Bonnie and Miranda welcome special guest Valerie Ihsan to discuss the critical elements of conflict, choice, and consequence in storytelling. The conversation delves into the importance of conflict in hooking readers, the significance of character flaws, and how conflict drives the overall story. Compelling conflicts are crucial for both fiction and memoir, as readers need to see believable challenges that stretch characters without making their journey impossible. The choices characters make in response to these conflicts help foster surprising and inevitable outcomes. And the consequences of these choices are integral to providing reader satisfaction and maintaining realism, regardless of genre. The three C's (conflict, choice, and consequence) can apply at various levels of storytelling, from the global structure to individual scenes. Listen today for valuable tips and perspectives to enhance your narrative craft.

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