Cultural Exchange

Season 3 | Episode 5
26m | Mar 12, 2024

The landscape of fiction in the United States has been morphing over the last twenty years, due in part to the translation and influence of TV shows, movies, books, and comics from other countries and cultures. Guest Katie Lewis along with hosts Bonnie and Miranda discuss their experiences reading translated works from other cultures and how it has shaped their writing and reading. Explore how manga, anime, and novels from Asia have become more popular and impacted genre writing in Western markets. Join the conversation on cultural exchange through translated media and how it has broadened and diversified perspectives in literature and entertainment.

For more, join Katie as they teach a class for Writing Heights this March 30th at noon MDT. Register today to attend in person or via Zoom.

What are some good translated works that you've read or experienced lately? Movies, TV shows, books, let us know on our socials so we can consume them with you!

Note: Katie meant to reference the novel Tropic of Orange, not Tropic of Cancer



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