DNF: Bookish Pet Peeves

Season 3 | Episode 4
22m | Feb 20, 2024

Got any writing pet peeves? Miranda and Bonnie take advantage of the opportunity to rant about some things that have made them put books down (or throw them across the room), discussing the pitfalls of playing tricks on readers, being unnecessarily coy, and making characters behave inconsistently for the sake of the plot. They dissect common grievances such as forced relationships, miscommunication tropes, and soapboxing, urging writers to prioritize subtlety, consistency, and nuance in their storytelling. Through their candid conversation, they emphasize the importance of seeking diverse feedback to craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers.

What are some of your book-related pet peeves? Let us know we’re not ranting into the void on our socials!

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The book that made Bonnie take Goodreads reviewing seriously

Sound engineering by Luke Fischer

Cover art by Maggie Walker

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