Shaping Stories: The Role of Developmental Editing

Season 2 | Episode 24
27m | Nov 21, 2023

In this episode of the Writing Forge podcast, Kelly Lydick of Pure Carbon Publishing joins Bonnie and Miranda to delve into the world of editing. The trio unravels the distinctions between developmental and other kinds of editing, shedding light on the nuanced roles each plays in the writing process. They discuss the importance of finding the right editor, the benefits of a sample edit, and the collaborative dynamic between authors and editors. Whether you're navigating plot points in fiction or refining the scope of a nonfiction piece, this episode provides valuable insights into the crucial role of developmental editing in bringing your writing to life.

How would you describe the logline of your current work in progress to a developmental editor? Let us know at our socials!

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Cover art by Maggie Walker


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