Dreams to Dollars: Successful Crowdfunding for Authors

Season 3 | Episode 9
26m | May 14, 2024

In the modern era of Kickstarter and Backerkit, crowdfunding has become a viable option for self-published authors to access the funds needed to publish their work. Experienced crowdfunder Jason Brick joins Bonnie and Miranda to discuss why crowdfund, as well as lay out strategies for successful campaigns and pitfalls to avoid. From setting achievable goals and offering enticing rewards to underestimating costs and failing to deliver on promises, the discussion runs the gamut of the good and bad of crowdfunding.

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Jason’s Facebook page

Brandon Sanderson’s record-setting Kickstarter

(Since this episode was recorded, Sanderon broke records yet again with another campaign on Backerkit)

Most popular crowdfunding platforms:

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Cover art by Maggie Walker

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