• Dammit Ticketmaster! Blink 182 Fans Are Not Feeling This! - Ep 22

    In this week’s Space Debris Podcast Nick & James catch up on some casual matters: what we’re playing, both in VR and flat games. Feeling overwhelmed and fatigued by all the space and AI news has led us to taking a break from it, for the most part, this week.

    Also discussed is Twitch streaming, dgtlhrt is thinking about streaming some casual gameplay and weekend VR sessions. Nick tells us his experience streaming Pop One and gaining a small audience, but any audience is a good audience!

    We play a new game, where someone has to write a sentence that ends with a band name, but the real game is the other person makes a few guesses as to which band name the person will use, the sentence really doesn’t matter!

    One of the bands picked, happened to be Blink 182, which led to a discussion of the ticket pricing fiasco for their reunion tour and dgtlhrt having a panic attack with 2 tickets costing $6,000+ in his cart in Ticketmaster.

    We then discuss a bunch of upcoming tours, from Theo Von to Andrew Callaghan Channel 5 News. Look at a similar ticket pricing issue for Theo’s Boston 5th and 6th show added verse the 1st shows initially announced. We look to comedian Louis C.K. who seems to have a solution to Ticketmaster by building a connection directly to his audience, simple solution that has allowed CK to release countless specials, shows, a new movie (Fourth of July), and now even another comic’s special (Bobby Kelly). We hope to see more people using this direct to fanbase method by other artists in the future.

    E22 - 1h 32m - Nov 3, 2022
  • Yannis Pappas Intro, Foil Venusaur, AI Pokemon & Elon Musk AI Day - Ep 21

    We start off with a “screwed in kid” and hugely beloved comedian Yannis Pappas unknowingly providing us with a new introduction! Shout out to an amazing comedian and podcaster, check out his podcast: Long Days with Yannis Pappas (and join his Patreon!)

    Quickly we take a look at a First Edition Pokemon Venusaur card which Kaz sent out a few weeks ago to be graded. He finally got it back and it’s off the charts at a respectable 2.5 grade (out of 10). We discuss the process of getting something officially graded and the current state of card collectibles, including the old Marvel Hologram cards. Kaz mentions one of the most pricey Pokemon cards to be the Black Orchid which we look further into.

    This leads us to seeing if AI can generate Pokemon cards, which not surprisingly, it can! And it does a damn good job at it. We try 2 different AI generators to see their output and compare, then play with the idea of creating a new playing card set generated entirely by AI! Why not!?

    We take a quick look at the website haveibeentrained.com, which will allow you to search the repositories certain AIs are using. We find Vive Report and confirm dgtlhrt is forever in the AI hive mind, unless of course he deletes the files from his host. Try searching for yourself, but don’t be scared if you find anything, it’s simply the internet scraped.

    While recounting past AI stories to Kaz, BillDance points out the day we’re recording happens to be Elon Musk’s AI Day and we look at the humanoid robots he’ll be demoing during the presentation. Soon enough, we’re asking AI to generate humanoid robot versions of Elon Musk, how could we resist!?

    We end things by looking at some of the new and very impressive “Small Homes” or “Modular Homes”, which dgtlhrt seems pretty set on purchasing eventually. We discuss how they are fireproof/ almost everything-proof, and how we might see these popping up in post-disaster areas, for instance Florida after the horrid damage from Hurricane Ian.

    E21 - 1h 29m - Oct 5, 2022
  • Thumbprint of God & The Current Future of AI - Ep 20

    This episode covers some of the latest “Space news for dummies” as well as some interesting AI news and general discussion.

    We start off light, taking a look at some photos from comedian Bill Burr’s sold-out set at Fenway Park! Dgtlhrt was there and was able to snag a few photos from the “turf” and compares the in-person experience to the VR experience being in Fenway Park in VR thanks to MLB Homerun Derby VR. As well as Bill_dance giving a quick review of an Imagine Dragons concert he received discounted (free) tickets to.

    We then begin exploring space news! We look at new photos from the James Webb Space Telescope. One in particular, odd wave-like patterns around WR140, which dgtlhrt believes to resemble a “thumbprint”, thusly dubbed “Thumbprint of God”. We look at how different audio frequencies can affect sand particles and create amazing fractal patterns, and make assumptions that possibly there’s a frequency near WR140 creating the pattern of peculiarly shaped rings expanding out around it, aside from the most likely cause being the delicate dance this pair of stars do and the effects of their proximity every 7.94 years.

    Then we jump into AI, thanks to an awesome tweet by the renown Daniel Eckler. Reviewing a Twitter thread where Daniel shows off other tweets that exhibit AI projects and their mind-blowing results! From game development, to art, to brainstorming, to pretty much anything you can think of, using a handful of AI software such as DALL-E and DALL-E 2, Midjourney, GAN as well as many other AI tools and software. Most all of this amazing progress coming from the wonderful people & work being done at OpenAI.

    Huge shout-out and thanks to @daniel_eckler! Fantastic work!

    We have a little fun with the wacky site thispersondoesnotexist.com, which features only images of people who literally do not exist and are all created by AI. We come across a handful of oddities, and are able to relate one image in particular to a recent historic finding from ancient Roman ruins.

    We also look at an AI story where a user in the Midjourney Discord submitted an AI generated artwork to a state fair’s Fine Art competition and actually won 1st place! Pretty wild, and you can bet the rest of the artists that submitted pieces were none too pleased with the outcome.

    We move on to having a bit of fun test “prompts” using craiyon.com, seeing what “Space Debris” and “Podcast” terms generate.

    AI truly shows the future is now, it’s both exciting and scary and we plan to keep an eye on AI as progress continues and we see more and more of these amazing projects!

    There is a new audio “outro” for the podcast which we generated using an AI voice generator, see if you can hear/spot it!

    E20 - 1h 34m - Sep 7, 2022
  • SEND DRUGS TO SPACE!!! - Ep 19

    Would it make more sense to send drugs into space rather than golden records? We think yes!

    Talk about Space Debris falling in Australia and Philippines.

    We fall down a rabbit hole about gold mining the streets of New York, and end up discussing past experiences with panning for gold and using metal detectors as a hobby.

    We then check out the incredible Bear Soongyoong and her genius cat storylines, at least that’s what we hear from “Headquarters”! We watch and marvel at masterfully done cat massage videos.

    We show off our TikTok MLB Homerun Derby VR gameplay vid which got quite a few views (for us, at least.)

    Earth has been spinning faster than ever……. Not good! Enjoy your 23 hour 59 minute and 59.99841 second days!

    Hi, How Are You? We fall into a discussion about Daniel Johnston, a personal fav of dgtlhrt, we highly recommend you check him out! We also note Ahh! Real Monsters seems to pay him homage in their Krumm character.

    We hype the Walk About Min Golf VR Labyrinth DLC!

    Then we check out a few odd alien videos which leads to us mentioning VR dev legends Survios new Aliens VR game announcement and discussion!

    A mysterious orb discovered in Mexico… real, hoax? Likely hoax!

    We end with a discussion of old Vice vs new Disney Vice, David Choe and Thumbs Up from 2012.

    E19 - 1h 43m - Aug 10, 2022
  • New Timeline, Who Dis? LHC 7/5 RUN 3 - Ep 18

    This week, as we celebrate Independence Day, we look at the Large Hadron Collider which is set to run a world record amount of energy on July 5th, 2022. We talk through the lighthearted “Mandela Effects” that we’ve already encountered, some say due to the LHC run from 2012. Of course, the internet is on edge waiting to see if this RUN 3 of the LHC brings yet another new branch to the timeline, or maybe nudges us back to our “Main Timeline”? No one knows, but we have fun speculating!

    Along the way, we talk comedy, alt comedy in particular, from Tom Green classics to the Stella shorts then from the Whitest kids you Know to the Mighty Boosh and Old Greg (which we got claimed for so if you notice a 20 second gap, that’s Old Greg!)

    We also discuss Oak Ridge, the home of the “Manhattan Project” which BillDance happens to live fairly close to, we all learn to our surprise! We dance around a few legendary instances in “conspiratorial history”, again all in good fun.

    Tons more covered in this episode, even dgtlhrt showing off a Rock Juniper Bonsai tree named “Nebsy” to the new Nike Go Flyease shoe (which we already ordered a pair to check out for a future pod!) We’re talking about anything & everything ‘round here! Enjoy the Space Debris!

    E18 - 2h 12m - Jul 6, 2022
  • First Contact with Star Jelly IRL + We Talk UAPs & Mars Oddities - Ep 17

    This week we catch up after a mini-break as we all got caught up with life and were finally able to pod again! Just a general Father’s Day chat, checking in on the boys and seeing what’s new.

    We watch a news story about a man using medieval spear to engage a burglar, very successfully! “I’m a Christian man and don’t want to take a life, but I wanted him to know that his life was mine to take, and I let him have it”.

    From there we hit some random topics until we get to the main event, the other worldly mystery of the “Door on Mars”. We discuss what the “Door” could possibly be, as well as look at a few other interesting oddities on the ol’ Red Planet (Mars). 

    A quick review of the new LIDAR scans of the ancient civilization in the Amazon, checking out the news story that shows the Amazonian civilization was much, much larger and more intricate than ever expected. Thanks to LIDAR scans, scientists were able to get a much more accurate representation of how the civilization was arranged and interconnected, hinting at a much higher level of knowledge and community than previously thought.

    This all leads up nicely to a huge reveal, dgtlhrt, who happened to be very aware of what Star Jelly is and has known about it for years, encountered it IN PERSON! More interestingly, this sighting lines up with the newly found Tau Herculid meteor shower, which is even more interesting as Star Jelly is often said to be a byproduct of meteor showers. We look at the photos dgtlhrt took of the Star Jelly, and discuss all known possible explanations as dgtlhrt raves about how “incredible” this all is and how he never imagined he’d actually see it in person, especially mere feet from his house!

    We look through historic references of Star Jelly, and mention how a video game references its in-game currency as Star Jelly and question if this is an attempt to hide true references to Star Jelly online. Sort of like the theory that Disney named the movie “Frozen” so that when people google “Is Walt Disney Frozen” (there are rumors that Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen) all of the search results are about Elsa and Olaf rather than reports and stories about Walt Disney actually being cryogenically frozen.

    If you have any experiences with Star Jelly you’d like to share, or want our photos of the Star Jelly we found, please reach out to us at spacedebrispod@gmail.com.

    E17 - 1h 15m - Jun 22, 2022
  • The Making of the Podumentary VR at PAX East 2022 - Ep 16

    Dgtlhrt went to Pax this year, as he does every year, but this year he had the goal of filming a mini documentary (or Podumentary!) featuring any and all VR content shown at PAX East 2022.

    We then realized we needed narration and though commentary would also be beneficial, so we decided to record a podcast where we watch the footage and in doing so create the narration and commentary that will be used on the standalone “Podumentary”.

    We of course go off topic here and there, but still a very fun podcast where you can watch us try to make a “thing”.

    The best part, we were able to coordinate 2 interviews! Starting with Resolution Games (Demeo, Blaston, Angry Birds VR, UltiMechs) Head of Marketing Jim Squires followed up by a quick interview with Tabor Carlton Marketing Director at LAI Games, an arcade manufacture & retailer that had the brilliant idea to create a VR game based around their actual business! Two awesome interviews with two awesome people, highly worth the watch!

    And you get to enjoy Kaz and dgtlhrt as they try to re-create the last minute or 2 of audio from the LAI Games interview as the audio file was corrupted by the intense noise barraging us during the interview. Though I think we found a fun and creative solution that you'll all enjoy!

    The full standalone documentary will be posted in the coming weeks, after we get all this audio edited down and do a bit of graphic and cleanup work. 

    You can consider this a “Making of” the Podumentary podcast, and can expect the full standalone “Podumentary” to be posted in the coming weeks! “Podumentary” post will include links to all discussed VR games and developers, so you’ll definitely want to check it out once it’s posted!

    Needless to say, we’re very excited about this and cannot thank everyone involved enough!

    E16 - 1h 9m - May 18, 2022
  • Double Unboxing Day Special! Valve Steam Deck & Oculus Quest 2! - Ep 15

    And we’re back! PAX East forced us to take a bit of a break, all with the aim of creating a mini Pax East VR Documentary!

    We open the show catching up, which casually leads into dgtlhrt poorly retelling a Norm MacDonald story which of course leads to pulling up Jim Breuer’s original telling of the story. We then take a peak at the actual SNL bit referenced in the story, classic Norm!

    We watch some rando vids, talk whatever nonsense pops up. This leads to a rabbit hole of WWE 2K22 custom match videos we find… Mostly starring celebrities. We start with Tell ‘Em Steve Dave 3 way fight which is incredible quality, and then stumble down the rabbit hole to Trailer Park Boys (Green Bastard for the win!) and further still to Ronald McDonald fighting a Ninja Turtle amongst a flurry of others.

    All of this is just chilling, having fun until we get to the main event: DOUBLE UNBOXING SPECIAL! Dgtlhrt got his hands on a fresh Steam Deck from Valve, we enjoy opening this glorious product and bask in its glory.

    To make it even more interesting, dgtlhrt busts out a Quest 2 he’s had in his closet since release day (October 2020), almost 2 years of it just sitting there with a plethora of accessories (Widmo VR lens inserts, VRCover foam replacement, Elite Strap) and even install the Elite strap on stream!

    E15 - 2h 10m - May 4, 2022
  • It's Important Your Eyes Be Kind - Ep 14

    We start off on defragging brains & soul troubles. Kaz impressively lists every Xbox console in order of release date, just for fun. This leads to discussing how the Xbox led to the infamous XBMC which eventually became Kodi, an awesome little OS to turn your computer into a streaming media center with cool plugins, functionality, etc.

    This leads us right into discussing an awesome new show, Severance, on Apple TV, starring Adam Scott. But before getting to it, we loop around the context, discussing Punch Drunk Love, early Ben Stiller director work, Jon Brion & Elliott Smith (tragic loss, rip).Dglthrt brings up Bright Eyes, related genre, as he just saw him live a few days ago at a new venue in Boston. We talk about how corporate new venues have no soul or “patina” as Kaz points out. We then talk about corporations seem to be in rapid development mode across the country when BillDance announces in his area in Tennessee they are getting a new KFC, may they beat out Bojangles! We checked out the Bojangles website to find Mountain Dew has a custom flavor just for them named “Southern Shock”, a little sus. 

    Which of course leads us to Taco Bell, discussing Nacho Fries, they’re awesome but aren’t permanently on the menu, but why!? Does Taco Bell go through your trash to see what people are eating or not finishing!? We then talk about dips, Chick-Fil-A, what's the best? We couldn't help but look at the nugget sauce scene from Breaking Bad, as well as look at some classic Trailer Park Boys clips referencing chicken fingers. 

    Thee Ay Ter – Theaatah – Theatre? We stumble upon Pidgin, read some news articles from BBC Pidgin. Is it ok to have fun with Pidgin, or is it cultural appropriation. We learn Pidgin is considered a form of Patois. We get stuck on reading Pidgin for a good bit, and happen upon an article about the Will Smith & Chris Rock incident, so we dive in! “Will Smith dey banished for 10 years!”

    We follow the rabbit hole to discussing the incredible John Dunsworth, aka Mr. Lahey, the best Trailer Park Super-Intendant in the word! We find his personal YouTube page and are amazed by his fantastic cement/masonry work that he films and they get a bit philosophical, quite beautiful, truly!

    We look at a newly uncovered Windows 95 Launch Event video hosted by Jay Leno, what a trip! They discuss how personal hygiene declined the few years leading up to launch, as well as one employee who plans to “beat myself on a mountain wall”. We find a random Sam Kinison audio drop included in the video, bizarre. We see some folks who look like Tim & Eric characters. Jay Leno opens up with an OJ joke followed by an Amway joke, ah… 1995. Certainly no match for Bitconnectttttt! Wahsa wahsa wahsa wahsa….

    Cowboy Elon Musk, copying Oliver Tree’s new style. We quickly look at the Tesla event and mention him buying 9% of Twitter, fun times on the way!

    SpaceX and NASA collab! We do a bit of “Space Talk” and look at the launch video. Which leads to listening to the first audio ever recorded on Mars. (thanks to the Perseverance, which btw has its own Twitter account!) We listen to the wind on Mars and lasers hitting rocks! We learn audio travels differently on Mars, high end barely can move through the atmosphere at all, and even the low end travels much less on Mars than on earth due to the thick atmosphere. Maybe dogs are from Mars!

    Quick mention of the show Devs, brings us back around to actually watch the Severance trailer! Directed by Ben Stiller starring Adam Scott, John Turturro, even Christopher Walken. It all circles back in the end. Related to Severance, BillDance references a video/study where Chimps & Humans are put to the test! A memory test, with a very basic user interface, which looks very similar to the “work” that is being done in Severance. Did Ben Stiller see this video? Was it inspiration for Severance or just coincidence? Will chimps take over the world now that they can push buttons much, MUCH better than humans? 90% of the time on the memory test the chimp flies through with all correct answers, whereas the human college student that is a crossword expert struggles on every attempt, barely getting 1 in 10 correct, and taking quite a long time to do so. Hugely impressive video demonstrating chimps memory and speed destroys human capability by a wide margin!BillDance bring sup Unreal Engine 5 releasing officially, highlights a free FPS game named Lyra and discusses a few other benefits of UE5.

    Quick talk about Little Cities VR releasing April 21, 2022, and Cities: VR (Cities Skylines) releasing April 28, 2022. Then just a quick look at VR games “Wanderer” and “Maskmaker”, a flat game “Nightmare Reaper” and another named “Weird West” by Devolver. 

    And then a final discussion on if anyone would be up for undergoing the “Severance” procedure, a hearty handful of “No’s” all around. 

    Would you opt for Severance if it were real?

    E14 - 1h 58m - Apr 13, 2022
  • Choose Chaos - Chris Rock Live in Boston - Ep 13

    Welp! We couldn't help discussing the big slap as dgtlhrt had the privilege of getting to see Chris Rock live in Boston only days after the infamous incident.

    The boys start off discussing any bad podcast habits, repeated words or ticks as we get more comfortable actually being podcasters. Then a bit of banter about equipment, mechanical keyboards & our shared love of boom arms. Shout out Rode, Elgato & NZXT!

    Kaz is sporting a sweet new T, Threat Level Orange, repping Idubbbz new doc. Which leads in to a pretty lengthy discussion about the upcoming CREATOR CLASH! We then discuss Idubbbz latest doc, Sam Hyde’s initial doc, and the rivalry between Idubbbz and Ricegum (and what’s a Ricegum?) How it all led to the creation of Creator Clash! We will definitely be doing a podcast dedicated to the Clash once it broadcasts, we’ll keep you posted! Forget Kafkaesque, we're talkin' Kaufmanesque.

    What brought us to YouTube back in the day? Idubbbz (and a few other early creators) creating fantastic content in a sea of garbage, proving there is immense value in YouTube content, you just got to find it.

    We look at a weird channel Meat Canyon, wild stuff! Realize it’s April Fool’s day, nothing special to report this year, 2022 doesn’t seem to care about April Fool’s Day.

    All this leads into the hot topic of the week, Chris Rock vs Will Smith. The only reason we even delve into this topic is because dgtlhrt got to see Chris Rock live in person in Boston only a few days post-slap. We talk about Rock’s live performance, how fantastic it was and the incredible support from the audience (aside from a few “incidents”), as well as talk about Chris Rock’s comments regarding the slap at his show (not much!... yet!)

    We then look back at Celebrity Death Match Chris Rock vs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We go through old Chris Rock videos on Youtube and filter comments by “New” lol.

    Dgtlhrt reviews the event, which was even covered by local news, and talks about Yondr phone pouches at live events. 

    In-depth slap analysis for most of the second half of the podcast. We look at a bunch of different angles of footage of the slap, talk about the situation itself, the bigger situation. How Will Smith’s apology writer makes for a fantastic metal/screamo lyricist.

    What happened? What should’ve happened? Why should’ve it not happened? Why should we not care? Why doesn’t any of it matter at all anyways!?

    We look at a very interesting, peculiar TikTok released by Will Smith right before the event, where they claim to “Choose Chaos” and “Ruin everyone’s day”… Seems overlooked by most media outlets and is a pretty damning video in terms of hinting at some sort of pre-meditation.

    We end on a light note with BillDance sharing some TikTok updates & he shares a wild April Fools “Gag” from a discord server he’s on.. to which dgtlhrt tries to curb only to fail which leads to a *Beep as well as an exasperated, bewildered podcaster.

    E13 - 1h 30m - Apr 6, 2022
  • Gabe Newell Replied! - Ep 12

    Kaz tries to join a Rocket League tournament during the podcast only to find he’s banned for 2.5 hours! Ikon clan & Dunkey will not be pleased. Nick actually played Doki Doki Literature Club & beat it or so he thinks! Continues to describe what happens during the campaign. Kaz describes his recent Rogue run through.

    Dgtlhrt talks books, Vernor Vinge A Fire Upon the Deep which he had to pause and switch to another book by Robert Heinlein The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Gives a quick synopsis, discuss how cool it is reading sci-fi from the 1950-1970s, which is exceptionally interesting as you can see what the authors got right as of 2022.

    Kaz has had enough of Steampunk. Papyrus has closed. Nick brings up the game Agony Unrated. We dance around trying to figure out if Agony is a mood and what takes place in the game.

    We talk horror games that use eye tracking (shout out Tobii Eyetracking, Soma & Bring To Light which uses your heart rate). As well as games that use heart rate monitors which leads to us finding a mind control device, Next Mind, for the Meta Quest. Shout out to Virtual Reality Oasis for making such great YouTube vids. We then talk old school VR experiences.

    Dgtlhrt raves about Outlier a VR game that he’s been alpha testing for weeks for Joy Way, the developer. Discussing the testing/development process and new ways to incorporate tech into testing and focus groups, which of course is already a huge industry. We then discuss the HTC Vive facial tracker, incredible tech incredibly underused.

    We emailed Gabe Newell and guess what, he replied!!!

    Dgtlhrt shows off his MrBeast Burger t-shirt! He teases that Mr. Beast sent it to him personally which of course is hilarious nonsense. Imagine if Mr. Beast actually sent you something and it was only a t-shirt?!?

    Do you prefer an over the top, wires everywhere “battle station” or a more minimal and efficient battle station setup?

    Dgtlhrt talks about seeing Tame Impala on their Slow Rush tour. Shows off some footage and discuss their insane lighting, laser etc stage setup. And catch some dude vaping in the concert footage lol.

    Kev picked up Kraftwerk tix to a show dgtlhrt had tix to originally but the first tour was cancelled.

    After finally finishing looking at the mind control device, Dgtlhrt finally shows off Outlier gameplay footage. Deeming it VR goty 2022, over the top in love with the core gameplay loop and how far it has come in just the last few months of development. We will have to record some of our own gameplay to show off just how incredibly fun Outlier is.

    Nick brings up the new 2 handed Until You Fall update. Def a highly recommended VR game! Kev gets offered a burrito off-screen. Kev shows off new Magic the Gathering cards and tells us all about The Secret Lair special edition Magic Cards, like vapor wave, Street Fighter and Bob Ross editions and about the game in general. 

    Pax East 2022 coming up quick! Dgtlhrt will be there filming, trying to get some cool footage and interviews for a mini doc.

    Quick mention of Walkabout Mini Golfs upcoming map dlc Jim Henson’s Labyrinth! Which just happens to be one of Nick’s all time favorite movies. And of course quick mention of the new Beat Saber update, ft arc notes and sliders.

    We end with the gang taking about their next VR “Live From The Metaverse!” episode, which game it’ll take place in either Population One to check out the new map update or in Demeo. We’ll find out next week!

    My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    E12 - 1h 28m - Mar 23, 2022
  • Look What You Did You Little Jerk! - Ep 11

    Billdance references the Farmer’s Almanac. We talk Succession, which then leads to a Culkin rabbit hole. Did you know Keiran Culkin was in Home Alone? Fargo is a great show ft. Bilbo season 1. The insanity of writer’s rooms. Larry Sanders Show talk, Gary Shandling choosing between taking over for Carson on the Tonight Show or creating his own show on HBO. Dgtlhrt shows off sick Thumper t-shirt lol, quick showcase of the game. Bobcat Goldthwait lighting a chair on fire on Leno’s Tonight Show, then his riotous appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show “Arsenio”. Tom Green talk show, Tom gets mad after Jesse James Dupree uses a chainsaw to destroy his very expensive desk. We talk about Tom Green being a pioneer of internet TV/Podcasting, one of the first do it right, and build his own studio in his basement! We quickly talk about Bob Odenkirk’s incredible early career. Quick half-listen to Tim Heidecker story about getting stabbed (Scary stuff!). dgtlhrt poses a question, which game should he get: Shadow Warrior 3, Babylon’s Fall, or Elden Ring. But ends up just buying Olli Olli World, which is incredible, and tells the boys about Olli Olli 1 & 2. Kaz says Elden Ring is prob best buy at the moment.

    BillDance mention S&Box, which is still in development. Joy Way new game coming out March 14th Outlier, dgtlhrt is a tester and hypes up this awesome, upcoming roguelite VR game! Kaz mentions the original roguelike game “Rogue”, which was a text-based game. We’re all surprised how good WWE 2K22 looks. Kaz talks about mind-bending, psychological horror game Doki Doki Literature Club (wut).

    We watch Gabe Newell personally deliver the first batch of Valve’s new SteamDeck! Which then leads to us emailing Gaben a question “Do you Actually Read All of your Emails?”… will he answer? Find out next week! What would you ask Gabe? Gabe is a living legend ftr! Kaz shows his handwritten notes for playing Satisfactory, he’s very detail oriented. We end with a look at the crypto mastermind RhazzleKhan, the Turkish Martha Stewart… yah.

    E11 - 2h 8m - Mar 9, 2022
  • Let Me Do My Work - Ep 10

    We recap our first episode of the “Live from the Metaverse!” series. Vaguely hint about our first guest next week. Mention Opie & Anthony’s Trainwreck radio. Kaz picked up some Quest accessories, we talk some VR comfort tips. Kaz finally played Half Life Alyx! We talk how rad the liquid shader aka booze shader in Alyx is thanks to Mathew Wilde. Kaz first adventures in Steam Vr & Population One talk, new map coming soon. Dgtlhrt celebrates achieving a year long goal of reaching top 20 global for the last season of Lonely Mountain Downhill, coming in at 19th in the world. Then proceeds to give Kaz tips as we learn he’s been playing the game secretly the entire podcast lol. 

    Shout out Ultimate Rich for great Lonely Mountain streams. Kaz then starts playing Getting over it with Bennett Foddy. Quick Elden Ring talk, none of us have got it yet. We talk about Steam Next Fest indie demos esp VR Noid. BillDance talks Green Hell, Hubris & Hyper Hook. Annapurna’s Neon White demo discussed. Neodash is like Rocket League and Distance. BillDance played Crossfire Legion. We show an epic Henry Rollins rant from the classic film Johnny Mnemonic, BillDance recs Arcane.

    Shane from Love is Blind season 2 is basically a Chris Distefano doppelgänger. We talk about Brendan Schaub & the new Howard Stern effect, all his podcasts, Haters etc and dgtlhrt talks about one of his top 5 favs Theo Von. Live your life as if you’ve already made all your mistakes, dig yourself out of a hole. Do you say Orangutang??? Or orangutan? A rang a tang. Mandela effect? We end on distasteful prank vid discussion ft. Dobre brothers, ugh. 

    E10 - 2h 2m - Mar 2, 2022
  • VR Putt Putt in Outer Space! - Ep 9

    Live from the Metaverse! #1

    Join Bill_Dance (aka PeeWee), Kaz (Aka “Horned Shaman”) & dglthrt (Aka Conan O’Brien, Aka Coco, Aka Cony) as they delve into VR space in this first episode of our special “Live from the Metaverse!” series of the Space Debris Podcast! We hyped it up and we actually pulled it off! Enjoy our rousing game of Putt Putt as we goof-off, make an excessive amount of Happy Gilmore references (duh!), all while trying to discuss Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series, The Silmarillion, Resident Alien on SyFy, The Witcher, Expanse, Elden Ring and whatever else popped up as we battled our way through 2 different courses in the VR game “WalkAbout Mini Golf” by Mighty Coconut. Extra big “Thank you!” to the team at Might Coconut for making such a fantastic game as well as some tips for making this happen. All VR fans should check out their game and their new course DLC “Sweetopia” (which we play through the front 9 holes of in the first half of this video!)

    Check out WalkAbout Mini Golf on Steam & the Quest store:



    Developer: https://www.mightycoconut.com/minigolf

    E9 - 1h 34m - Feb 23, 2022
  • Death Traps - Ep 8

    We start with a look at Jackass Forever, we recount old & new Jackass stunts & will it continue? Enduring pain. Dglthrt gets slammed by another snow storm. 90 Day jar farter update. Little girl flies away with giant kite & Adam Savage falls on treadmill, did these inspire Jackass? Random Snatch movie discussion “you like dags?”. What’s your favorite Brad Pitt movie? Fight Club underwear. Lost Ark game looks cool, BillDance quick review. We take a peak at Ghostwire Tokyo & Sifu (dgtlhrt is currently in love with Sifu). We then discuss Happy Wheels, Guts N’ Gory, Road Redemption, Lonely Mountains: Downhill which dgtlhrt is obsessed with & talks about spending the last year trying to get in the top 25 in a season, his goal is literally days away! Wipeout, MXC Most Extreme Challenge. Descenders Bike-Out map. Squid Game is Fall Guys is MXC is Jackass, etc.. Interpol (the band). Rock Band Beatles Paul McCartney story. We discuss doing an entire podcast in VR, starting with WalkAbout Mini-Golf, dgtlhrt shows off 2 trick shots. Golf + & TopGolf. New Space Debris mascot “Sadstronaut” debut! Kaz shows off Rocket League toy & Tomb Raider collectible.

    E8 - 1h 48m - Feb 16, 2022
  • Smartless? Joyless! - Ep 7

    Starts with Kazz playing some Rust (as usual), but this episode is focused on the Smartless (Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Sean Hayes) Boston 9PM show/disaster. Dedicated Smartless fans brave the treacherous New England ice storm and pay hundreds of dollars (some even flew in from other states), for a surprise guest that turns out to be an MIT professor, whereas the 6PM show earlier that night, had one of the biggest Boston legends of all time, and a personal favorite, Conan O'Brien . We look through people's horror stories on Twitter about the night, and share in the frustration as well as document it. We end on some light VR discussion, typical!

    E7 - 1h 15m - Feb 6, 2022
  • Baby Glasses - Ep 6

    Kev plays Rust, drone talk, Windows updates break Nicks Valve Index/camera, glasses and prescription lens adapters for vr discussion (widmo vr, reloptix, vr lens lab, vr optician), Aztecs & Ancient Aliens. Vr apparitions, X-files “First Person Shooter”, William Gibson, The Sprawl, Neuromancer, Horizon Zero Dawn & VR mod, Horizon Forbidden West, Tombraider, No Man’s Sky, Horizon Call of The Mountain, vr frames look like baby glasses, expired glasses prescription like wtf & workaround, Warby Parker, Half Life Alyx & mods (Xenthug), gnome achievement (Gnome Chompski) Epic free games, h3 podcast Ethan Klein Alyx play through, Valve using Rhys Darby & Stephen Merchant, Our Flag Means Death, Moonbase 8, Tim Heidecker, Fred Armisen & John C. Reilly, dgtlhrt walks through & interrupts the filming of The Town, New Zealand the world’s sexiest accent (BillDance thinks the Boston Accent is), testing different platforms trailers if they’ll claim us, Righteous Gemstones, Danny McBride, Eric Andre, Legalize Everything & Bad Trip, Adam Devine, Game Over Man, Spun, Mythic Quest, AP Bio, Always Sunny Podcast, BillDance recommends VTOL & The Forest & Mike Bocchetti teaser.

    E6 - 1h 36m - Feb 2, 2022
  • Pressure Sensitive: A Beginners Guide to VR - Ep 5

    More VR and Quest talk. Vr controller and remapping custom bindings discussion. Pistol whip VR clever game mechanics implementation and weekly challenges discussed. Kaz loves BTS BeatSaber. More talk about custom map and mods (support Scoresaber on Patreon). Tons of the best free VR game recs, random game recs. Walk-About Mini Golf, Super Hot VR, Viveport Infinity, Zombieland VR, Google Earth, Tilt Brush, Open Brush, Blocks (goodbye google poly), Medium, Quill, The Lab, nVidia Funhouse, Gorilla Tag, RecRoomVR, Flipside (dgtlhrt talks about getting to work w TESD podcast and make animated videos all in VR). BillDance met Pendleton Ward in Anyland & Justin Roiland in Altspace. We praise Brian Redban for Virtual Redban and promoting vr on Joe Rogan Experience. Shout out Gingas & we show off some of her awesome TikTok vids. Ray Kurzweil & The Singularity. The 6th day movie, Would you kill a true AI or your AI-self? Dgtlhrt shows off his meteorite. BillDance is having an existential crisis & Kaz is self proclaimed “happy go lucky”. Water ring toss live stream and Kaz’s fidget spinners collection. Samurai Slaughter House, Pixel Ripped 1989 & 1995, God of War.

    E5 - 2h 0m - Jan 26, 2022
  • VR Tech Support & CES Mess - Ep 4

    Kaz streams Mordhau, Ariana Grande Beat Saber Custom Map, BillDance says “F&*K a bunch of crypto” Kaz then laughs and says he should buy it lul. Profit when everyone else panics, panic when everyone else profits - Kaz. Kaz finally gets a Quest! Tim Dillon “The Wallet” trailer discussion. Kaz likes the Quest, but has trouble using SteamVR with it, so we end up troubleshooting his issue and try to keep Kaz in the VR game. Goes on a bit longer than it should, but, well you’ll see! Quest mods, great ep for new Quest owners. Revive mentioned, we watch a Virtual Reality Oasis vid for tips on fixing Quest/AirLink. BillDance loves Population One, convinces Kaz to purchase. Blaston, RacketNX pretty much a ton of free VR experiences to check out and best VR games for VR newcomers. Followed up by a rough review of CES 2022, lovense.com scary interactive new world. Razer Zephyr wut!? Ends with Whole Foods delivery livestream! Beyond Meatballs & Apple Cider Donuts!!!

    E4 - 1h 56m - Jan 19, 2022
  • Sounds like a Cash Grab! - Ep 3

    Rocket League Gameplay, PewDiePie Minecraft House Tour 2022, True Story (Kevin Hart), Activate Real World Gaming Experience, IRL Games, FunSpot Arcade, Killer Queen Arcade, BitBar, James Webb Space Telescope, Adam Sandler Pixels, Demeo Gameplay, Meta Quest, Cities VR, Banksy Self-Shredded Artwork, World Peace, Office Hours Podcast, DougPound, Tim & Eric.

    E3 - 1h 44m - Jan 12, 2022
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