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Space Debris Podcast

Enjoy the musings of three “internet friends” as they discuss popular gaming, VR, tech, podcasts, comedy, TV, movies, creators, influencers and all the debris that orbits the internet. Join personalities Kaz, BillDance & dgtlhrt as they venture into “friendship,” learning more about each other while discussing all things relevant and attempt to become IRL friends in this URL world.


Thumbprint of God & The Current Future of AI - Ep 20
Show Details1hr 35min
Show Details1hr 43min
New Timeline, Who Dis? LHC 7/5 RUN 3 - Ep 18
Show Details2hr 13min
First Contact with Star Jelly IRL + We Talk UAPs & Mars Oddities - Ep 17
Show Details1hr 16min
The Making of the Podumentary VR at PAX East 2022 - Ep 16
Show Details1hr 9min
Double Unboxing Day Special! Valve Steam Deck & Oculus Quest 2! - Ep 15
Show Details2hr 10min
It's Important Your Eyes Be Kind - Ep 14
Show Details1hr 58min
Choose Chaos - Chris Rock Live in Boston - Ep 13
Show Details1hr 31min
Gabe Newell Replied! - Ep 12
Show Details1hr 29min
Look What You Did You Little Jerk! - Ep 11
Show Details2hr 9min
Let Me Do My Work - Ep 10
Show Details2hr 2min
VR Putt Putt in Outer Space! - Ep 9
Show Details1hr 34min
Death Traps - Ep 8
Show Details1hr 48min
Smartless? Joyless! - Ep 7
Show Details1hr 15min
Baby Glasses - Ep 6
Show Details1hr 36min
Pressure Sensitive: A Beginners Guide to VR - Ep 5
Show Details2hr 1min
VR Tech Support & CES Mess - Ep 4
Show Details1hr 57min
Sounds like a Cash Grab! - Ep 3
Show Details1hr 44min
It's Always Nice... When It's Nice - Ep 2
Show Details1hr 45min
I am Become Death Destroyer of Pods - Ep 1
Show Details49min 38s