Thumbprint of God & The Current Future of AI - Ep 20

Episode 20
1h 34m | Sep 7, 2022

This episode covers some of the latest “Space news for dummies” as well as some interesting AI news and general discussion.

We start off light, taking a look at some photos from comedian Bill Burr’s sold-out set at Fenway Park! Dgtlhrt was there and was able to snag a few photos from the “turf” and compares the in-person experience to the VR experience being in Fenway Park in VR thanks to MLB Homerun Derby VR. As well as Bill_dance giving a quick review of an Imagine Dragons concert he received discounted (free) tickets to.

We then begin exploring space news! We look at new photos from the James Webb Space Telescope. One in particular, odd wave-like patterns around WR140, which dgtlhrt believes to resemble a “thumbprint”, thusly dubbed “Thumbprint of God”. We look at how different audio frequencies can affect sand particles and create amazing fractal patterns, and make assumptions that possibly there’s a frequency near WR140 creating the pattern of peculiarly shaped rings expanding out around it, aside from the most likely cause being the delicate dance this pair of stars do and the effects of their proximity every 7.94 years.

Then we jump into AI, thanks to an awesome tweet by the renown Daniel Eckler. Reviewing a Twitter thread where Daniel shows off other tweets that exhibit AI projects and their mind-blowing results! From game development, to art, to brainstorming, to pretty much anything you can think of, using a handful of AI software such as DALL-E and DALL-E 2, Midjourney, GAN as well as many other AI tools and software. Most all of this amazing progress coming from the wonderful people & work being done at OpenAI.

Huge shout-out and thanks to @daniel_eckler! Fantastic work!

We have a little fun with the wacky site, which features only images of people who literally do not exist and are all created by AI. We come across a handful of oddities, and are able to relate one image in particular to a recent historic finding from ancient Roman ruins.

We also look at an AI story where a user in the Midjourney Discord submitted an AI generated artwork to a state fair’s Fine Art competition and actually won 1st place! Pretty wild, and you can bet the rest of the artists that submitted pieces were none too pleased with the outcome.

We move on to having a bit of fun test “prompts” using, seeing what “Space Debris” and “Podcast” terms generate.

AI truly shows the future is now, it’s both exciting and scary and we plan to keep an eye on AI as progress continues and we see more and more of these amazing projects!

There is a new audio “outro” for the podcast which we generated using an AI voice generator, see if you can hear/spot it!

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