First Contact with Star Jelly IRL + We Talk UAPs & Mars Oddities - Ep 17

Episode 17
1h 15m | Jun 22, 2022

This week we catch up after a mini-break as we all got caught up with life and were finally able to pod again! Just a general Father’s Day chat, checking in on the boys and seeing what’s new.

We watch a news story about a man using medieval spear to engage a burglar, very successfully! “I’m a Christian man and don’t want to take a life, but I wanted him to know that his life was mine to take, and I let him have it”.

From there we hit some random topics until we get to the main event, the other worldly mystery of the “Door on Mars”. We discuss what the “Door” could possibly be, as well as look at a few other interesting oddities on the ol’ Red Planet (Mars). 

A quick review of the new LIDAR scans of the ancient civilization in the Amazon, checking out the news story that shows the Amazonian civilization was much, much larger and more intricate than ever expected. Thanks to LIDAR scans, scientists were able to get a much more accurate representation of how the civilization was arranged and interconnected, hinting at a much higher level of knowledge and community than previously thought.

This all leads up nicely to a huge reveal, dgtlhrt, who happened to be very aware of what Star Jelly is and has known about it for years, encountered it IN PERSON! More interestingly, this sighting lines up with the newly found Tau Herculid meteor shower, which is even more interesting as Star Jelly is often said to be a byproduct of meteor showers. We look at the photos dgtlhrt took of the Star Jelly, and discuss all known possible explanations as dgtlhrt raves about how “incredible” this all is and how he never imagined he’d actually see it in person, especially mere feet from his house!

We look through historic references of Star Jelly, and mention how a video game references its in-game currency as Star Jelly and question if this is an attempt to hide true references to Star Jelly online. Sort of like the theory that Disney named the movie “Frozen” so that when people google “Is Walt Disney Frozen” (there are rumors that Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen) all of the search results are about Elsa and Olaf rather than reports and stories about Walt Disney actually being cryogenically frozen.

If you have any experiences with Star Jelly you’d like to share, or want our photos of the Star Jelly we found, please reach out to us at

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