Look What You Did You Little Jerk! - Ep 11

Episode 11
2h 8m | Mar 9, 2022

Billdance references the Farmer’s Almanac. We talk Succession, which then leads to a Culkin rabbit hole. Did you know Keiran Culkin was in Home Alone? Fargo is a great show ft. Bilbo season 1. The insanity of writer’s rooms. Larry Sanders Show talk, Gary Shandling choosing between taking over for Carson on the Tonight Show or creating his own show on HBO. Dgtlhrt shows off sick Thumper t-shirt lol, quick showcase of the game. Bobcat Goldthwait lighting a chair on fire on Leno’s Tonight Show, then his riotous appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show “Arsenio”. Tom Green talk show, Tom gets mad after Jesse James Dupree uses a chainsaw to destroy his very expensive desk. We talk about Tom Green being a pioneer of internet TV/Podcasting, one of the first do it right, and build his own studio in his basement! We quickly talk about Bob Odenkirk’s incredible early career. Quick half-listen to Tim Heidecker story about getting stabbed (Scary stuff!). dgtlhrt poses a question, which game should he get: Shadow Warrior 3, Babylon’s Fall, or Elden Ring. But ends up just buying Olli Olli World, which is incredible, and tells the boys about Olli Olli 1 & 2. Kaz says Elden Ring is prob best buy at the moment.

BillDance mention S&Box, which is still in development. Joy Way new game coming out March 14th Outlier, dgtlhrt is a tester and hypes up this awesome, upcoming roguelite VR game! Kaz mentions the original roguelike game “Rogue”, which was a text-based game. We’re all surprised how good WWE 2K22 looks. Kaz talks about mind-bending, psychological horror game Doki Doki Literature Club (wut).

We watch Gabe Newell personally deliver the first batch of Valve’s new SteamDeck! Which then leads to us emailing Gaben a question “Do you Actually Read All of your Emails?”… will he answer? Find out next week! What would you ask Gabe? Gabe is a living legend ftr! Kaz shows his handwritten notes for playing Satisfactory, he’s very detail oriented. We end with a look at the crypto mastermind RhazzleKhan, the Turkish Martha Stewart… yah.

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