The Making of the Podumentary VR at PAX East 2022 - Ep 16

Episode 16
1h 9m | May 18, 2022

Dgtlhrt went to Pax this year, as he does every year, but this year he had the goal of filming a mini documentary (or Podumentary!) featuring any and all VR content shown at PAX East 2022.

We then realized we needed narration and though commentary would also be beneficial, so we decided to record a podcast where we watch the footage and in doing so create the narration and commentary that will be used on the standalone “Podumentary”.

We of course go off topic here and there, but still a very fun podcast where you can watch us try to make a “thing”.

The best part, we were able to coordinate 2 interviews! Starting with Resolution Games (Demeo, Blaston, Angry Birds VR, UltiMechs) Head of Marketing Jim Squires followed up by a quick interview with Tabor Carlton Marketing Director at LAI Games, an arcade manufacture & retailer that had the brilliant idea to create a VR game based around their actual business! Two awesome interviews with two awesome people, highly worth the watch!

And you get to enjoy Kaz and dgtlhrt as they try to re-create the last minute or 2 of audio from the LAI Games interview as the audio file was corrupted by the intense noise barraging us during the interview. Though I think we found a fun and creative solution that you'll all enjoy!

The full standalone documentary will be posted in the coming weeks, after we get all this audio edited down and do a bit of graphic and cleanup work. 

You can consider this a “Making of” the Podumentary podcast, and can expect the full standalone “Podumentary” to be posted in the coming weeks! “Podumentary” post will include links to all discussed VR games and developers, so you’ll definitely want to check it out once it’s posted!

Needless to say, we’re very excited about this and cannot thank everyone involved enough!

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