Episode 19
1h 43m | Aug 10, 2022

Would it make more sense to send drugs into space rather than golden records? We think yes!

Talk about Space Debris falling in Australia and Philippines.

We fall down a rabbit hole about gold mining the streets of New York, and end up discussing past experiences with panning for gold and using metal detectors as a hobby.

We then check out the incredible Bear Soongyoong and her genius cat storylines, at least that’s what we hear from “Headquarters”! We watch and marvel at masterfully done cat massage videos.

We show off our TikTok MLB Homerun Derby VR gameplay vid which got quite a few views (for us, at least.)

Earth has been spinning faster than ever……. Not good! Enjoy your 23 hour 59 minute and 59.99841 second days!

Hi, How Are You? We fall into a discussion about Daniel Johnston, a personal fav of dgtlhrt, we highly recommend you check him out! We also note Ahh! Real Monsters seems to pay him homage in their Krumm character.

We hype the Walk About Min Golf VR Labyrinth DLC!

Then we check out a few odd alien videos which leads to us mentioning VR dev legends Survios new Aliens VR game announcement and discussion!

A mysterious orb discovered in Mexico… real, hoax? Likely hoax!

We end with a discussion of old Vice vs new Disney Vice, David Choe and Thumbs Up from 2012.

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