Gabe Newell Replied! - Ep 12

Episode 12
1h 28m | Mar 23, 2022

Kaz tries to join a Rocket League tournament during the podcast only to find he’s banned for 2.5 hours! Ikon clan & Dunkey will not be pleased. Nick actually played Doki Doki Literature Club & beat it or so he thinks! Continues to describe what happens during the campaign. Kaz describes his recent Rogue run through.

Dgtlhrt talks books, Vernor Vinge A Fire Upon the Deep which he had to pause and switch to another book by Robert Heinlein The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Gives a quick synopsis, discuss how cool it is reading sci-fi from the 1950-1970s, which is exceptionally interesting as you can see what the authors got right as of 2022.

Kaz has had enough of Steampunk. Papyrus has closed. Nick brings up the game Agony Unrated. We dance around trying to figure out if Agony is a mood and what takes place in the game.

We talk horror games that use eye tracking (shout out Tobii Eyetracking, Soma & Bring To Light which uses your heart rate). As well as games that use heart rate monitors which leads to us finding a mind control device, Next Mind, for the Meta Quest. Shout out to Virtual Reality Oasis for making such great YouTube vids. We then talk old school VR experiences.

Dgtlhrt raves about Outlier a VR game that he’s been alpha testing for weeks for Joy Way, the developer. Discussing the testing/development process and new ways to incorporate tech into testing and focus groups, which of course is already a huge industry. We then discuss the HTC Vive facial tracker, incredible tech incredibly underused.

We emailed Gabe Newell and guess what, he replied!!!

Dgtlhrt shows off his MrBeast Burger t-shirt! He teases that Mr. Beast sent it to him personally which of course is hilarious nonsense. Imagine if Mr. Beast actually sent you something and it was only a t-shirt?!?

Do you prefer an over the top, wires everywhere “battle station” or a more minimal and efficient battle station setup?

Dgtlhrt talks about seeing Tame Impala on their Slow Rush tour. Shows off some footage and discuss their insane lighting, laser etc stage setup. And catch some dude vaping in the concert footage lol.

Kev picked up Kraftwerk tix to a show dgtlhrt had tix to originally but the first tour was cancelled.

After finally finishing looking at the mind control device, Dgtlhrt finally shows off Outlier gameplay footage. Deeming it VR goty 2022, over the top in love with the core gameplay loop and how far it has come in just the last few months of development. We will have to record some of our own gameplay to show off just how incredibly fun Outlier is.

Nick brings up the new 2 handed Until You Fall update. Def a highly recommended VR game! Kev gets offered a burrito off-screen. Kev shows off new Magic the Gathering cards and tells us all about The Secret Lair special edition Magic Cards, like vapor wave, Street Fighter and Bob Ross editions and about the game in general. 

Pax East 2022 coming up quick! Dgtlhrt will be there filming, trying to get some cool footage and interviews for a mini doc.

Quick mention of Walkabout Mini Golfs upcoming map dlc Jim Henson’s Labyrinth! Which just happens to be one of Nick’s all time favorite movies. And of course quick mention of the new Beat Saber update, ft arc notes and sliders.

We end with the gang taking about their next VR “Live From The Metaverse!” episode, which game it’ll take place in either Population One to check out the new map update or in Demeo. We’ll find out next week!

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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