Episode 93
1h 22m | Oct 27, 2023

Roger Cobb (William Katt) is the Greatest American Hero and an okay writer – maybe. He’s got a lot going on. He’s going through a divorce with Sandy (Kay Lenz), their child has been missing for a questionable amount of time, he’s writing a terrible book and there are weird demons (including Richard Moll) haunting his newly inherited house. Side note: Aunt Elizabeth (Susan French) might be the real villain here. Luckily, Harold (George Wendt) is always nearby with some beers and Chinese takeout. Tanya (Mary Stavin) will be wearing little and swimming outside or dropping off her kid for impromptu babysitting. Jeremy, La-Mar and Collin take on this evil and endure Cobb’s endless drone writing about walking around. Why did this house want to haunt anyone? Who knows! RTS want to give you answers, but only a bathroom mirror portal can help you now. 

Rabbit Troop Sucks