Episode 100
2h 0m | May 10, 2024

It’s our 100th episode! Let’s celebrate! Renoly Santiago (Phantom Phreak) from the film graciously joins us for an interview! How cool is that? Definitely tune in for this! And, thank you for listening! When he was a kid, Dade (Jonny Lee Miller) wrote a computer virus that crashed 1,507 computers and caused a seven-point drop in the New York Stock Exchange. Through court orders, he’s banned from computers until he turns 18. Fast forward, it’s his 18th birthday and he has just moved to New York with his mom, and he’s going to finish his senior year of high school. Time to hack and meet some friends along the way. Amongst a hacking contest between his crush, Kate/”Acid Burn” (Angelina Jolie), and overseen by “Phreak”(Renoly Santiago), “Cereal” (Matthew Lillard) and “Nikon” (Laurence Mason), this crew forms true bonds that unite a global community, assist Joey (Jesse Bradford) in earning a hacking namesake and attempt to put a stop to The Plague (Fisher Stevens) and his schemes. We’re sorry, “Mr. The Plague.” This is Lillard’s fifth feature with us! Let’s get him the commemorative jacket! RTS embraces this epic soundtrack and wax philosophical hacking at Cyberdelia. La-Mar, Jeremy and Collin strap into their rollerblades, check their pagers and zoom out into the city. This is a 90s must watch! Hey, if they’re “trashing your rights” then “hack the planet!”

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