Over the Edge

Episode 95
1h 20m | Apr 5, 2024

Kurt Cobain said he had a good time with this film, and it was “total anarchy.” This smells like disagreement on our end. It’s Matt Dillion’s acting debut as Richie. He teams up with his buddy Carl (Michael Eric Kramer) to complain about business expansion in their neighborhood and their well-to-do boredom. Carl starts falling for Cory (Pamela Ludwig), but Mark (Vincent Spano) can’t go for that! Officer Doberman (Harry Northup) doesn’t like going for anything – especially if it is happening at the rec center. These kids probably need a bit of guidance. It’s definitely not coming from their parents or teachers. Then, these kids go bananas! Full bananas! Drown it all out with Cheap Trick! Fun note: all of this was filmed in Colorado. There are many scenes in Aurora and Greeley. RTS will be rocking out with this killer soundtrack and avoiding the dirt bike swamp track. Jeremy and La-Mar will be at the park mingling and warming themselves over trash can fires. We lost KC 30 years ago. His art and words are still felt today. “Your scent is still here in my place of recovery.” 

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