Episode 97
1h 22m | Apr 19, 2024

Listen, do you think a bunch of razorblade desert robo-vacs are going to stay that way? Oh, friends, we have a lot to tell you. Joe Hendricksson (Peter Weller) is a commander who gets orders to sort of help with peace treaty negotiations. Kind of a bummer because Joe likes his G&Ts and government-issued red cigarettes (which aid in fighting off radiation). This mining planet is absolute garbage. Time to slowly check it out. But, there must be two, so luckily Ace Jefferson (Andy Lauer) crash lands in town, has no more platoon and joins Joe in his wandering of the wastelands and fighting off robots. That’s handy because everything is a robot. What’s not a robot nowadays? RTS check out the local command center and all of their arcade futurism. Jeremy, La-Mar and Collin get acquainted with Jessica (Jennifer Rubin) and Jessica (Jennifer Rubin)? Wait a minute! No, no, let this play out. Are you aware there might be a way off this crazy planet? Well, you might want to take that ride. Does anyone know this guy was RoboCop?  

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Rabbit Troop Sucks