Episode 94
1h 47m | Mar 29, 2024

A bunch of rad fellas befriend one another in the Old West and attempt to shut down the corrupt nonsense happening all around. Emmett (Scott Glenn) is being harassed after being released from prison, and he’s not having it! Paden (Kevin Kline) was having it, but all of his belongings have been stolen, so he’s given up, and he has a new view on life. Jake (Kevin Costner) is ready (for anything, really), but he’s behind bars. Let’s bust him out so he can not have it pistoleer style! Mal (Danny Glover) is absolutely NOT having it! If there was an opposite of having it, Mal is living that life. Somehow, these four make it all work together. And, “It” is hunting down and putting a stop to villainy. RTS will be keeping it charming in the saloon with Stella (Linda Hunt). Collin, La-Mar and Jeremy will be at the card table with Slick (Jeff Goldblum) while ditching Hannah (Rosanna Arquette). Where did that boot knife go? Make sure to polish your sheriff’s badge when you have time. We don’t want another Cobb (Brian Dennehy) sullying everything. Not in the decent town of Silverado. Come for the promises. Stay in the grave. But, in all seriousness, this is an excellent film that deserves to be watched. 

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Rabbit Troop Sucks