A Far Off Place

Episode 96
1h 20m | Apr 12, 2024

A true overlooked gem by Disney. A bratty teen, Harry (Ethan Embry), is forced on a trip with his father to meet family friends in Africa. When he meets knowledgeable and passionate Nonnie (Reese Witherspoon), he has to rethink his too cool for school ways. As they both sneak out for the night, they team up with an African bushman, Xhabbo (Sarel Bok), who urges them, based on his prophetic “tapping,” to stay the night in a nearby cave. This saves their lives as their parents are brutally murdered by poachers who are now after them. To survive, these three, with their dog, are forced to do what is thought of as the impossible, cross the Kalahari. It will take real growth and trust to make it happen. The cinematography is alluring all throughout this epic journey and loss of innocence. RTS is slightly altered for the week, and they stock up on all the water – especially the imported Hawaiian water. Mopani (Maximilian Schell) loves it almost as much as he loves hunting down poachers! Nemo takes on some co-hosting duties ninja-style. Jeremy, Collin and La-Mar ride all of the elephants to freedom! “Wind can do it; we can do it.”

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