Small Soldiers

Episode 93
1h 21m | Mar 22, 2024

Director Joe Dante leads us into a suburban toy war. There’s more to these gizmos than just plastic. Meanwhile, Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith) and Christy Fimple (Kristen Dunst) have so much going for them – and so much in their way. Irwin (David Cross) and Larry (Jay Mohr) have created a sentient robo-army for Gil Mars (Denis Leary), and that army is gunning for these wannabe sweethearts. Chip Hazard (Tommy Lee Jones) leads the Commando Elite against Archer (Frank Langella) and the Gorgonites –and everyone who likes the Gorgonites. Combat is inevitable! There are scooter chase scenes! There are explosions! There is terror! Where did Brad go? We say thank you and goodbye to Phil Hartman and his last live action role. RTS joins in on the chaos with the Gwendy Doll army! La-Mar, Collin and Jeremy take shelter when the CE start their home assault rampage. If you know how microchips work, then microchip! MICROCHIP!

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