Episode 75
1h 28m | Nov 17, 2023

Another broken future is coming for you! But, this one has sports! Jonathan E. (James Caan) is the best around in Rollerball, but now he is being asked to retire after this season's championship. He wants answers – he has too many questions about everything. Some corporate executive took his wife, Ella (Maud Adams). That’s something most would wonder about. Those in power, such as Mr. Bartholomew (John Houseman), do not like this. Answering questions in the future is not how it’s done! Having 4 TVs in every room so you can pine over your stolen wife by watching surveillance video and horse rides with her is how it’s done! Moonpie (John Beck) is the party teammate you want to have looking out for you. RTS kicks some computers while looking for answers. Collin and Jeremy lace up their skates and gas up their motorcycles for this hot action! No penalties for being amazing! Grab your “privilege pass” and let’s hang out. 

Rabbit Troop Sucks