Episode 41
1h 31m | Sep 29, 2023

Thousands and thousands of years after the world’s collapse and collapse again, twin wizards are born. One, Avatar (Bob Holt), focuses on peace and smoking cigars with scantily clad fairies. The other, Blackwolf (Steve Gravers) is obsessed with war, propaganda and destruction. RTS adores post-apocalyptic scenarios and assembling crews. After a failed assassination attempt from Necron 99, Avatar gets his fellowship in order. With a reprogrammed assassin (now known as Peace), a fiery elf, Weehawk (Richard Romanus), and half-fairy, Elinore (Jesse Welles), they set out to sing, to get intoxicated and bewitched with the fairy folk and most importantly, to take down evil to restore the land. Collin and La-Mar discuss our first animated film and secretly take a multitude of fae elixirs. By the end of this episode, we’ll all be rolling a D20 to see if we make it through unscathed.

Rabbit Troop Sucks