No Escape

Episode 12
1h 34m | May 26, 2023

Sometimes you get dumped off on a prison island to die. Robbins (Ray Liotta) is just not having it. He’s not having it at his job! He’s not having it with the warden! He’s not having it with Marek (Stuart Wilson) and his gang! Even though The Father (Lance Henriksen) and Hawkins (Ernie Hudson) tell ‘Liottes’ that there is no escape, he’s not having it! Come along with RTS for this Lord of the Flies-esque romp. Jeremy returns for this epic jungle jam, but which camp is he on? Will he share resources? Between the homebrewed booze, visiting the “Wet Dream” and the lack of showering, it’s just like the summer camp you remember as a kid!

Rabbit Troop Sucks