The Hard Way

Episode 63
1h 37m | Sep 1, 2023

John Moss (James Woods) is the stereotypical cop you know from any drama series. He’s foul-mouthed. He is divorced and trying to make a new relationship work. His job consumes him. He’s hunting down a serial killer in New York. And, his life gets even more complicated when an eager but oblivious to the real world actor, Nick Lang (Michael J. Fox), shows up to shadow him for a possible upcoming role. Between these two polar opposites running around and Party Crasher (Stephen Lang) shooting everything up, New York might be in trouble! RTS have a lot of fun with this buddy action comedy, getting to see LL Cool J and enjoying some “frog dogs.” We even get to see Greendale Community College alum, Luis Guzmán. La-Mar, Jeremy and the Captain get new merch jackets and hats. Sarah makes her Rabbit Troop Sucks debut to make sure this all plays out by the books. And, in the end, you will only get one take at this. 

Rabbit Troop Sucks