Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight

Episode 72
1h 36m | Oct 31, 2023

It’s time for another SUPER HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR episode! Happy Halloween from RTS! The stars have aligned on the palm of Brayker (William Sadler), a man (and Demon Knight) on the run with what might be the most important mission in the universe. Tracking him and breaking hearts along the way, we have The Collector (Billy Zane). He’s hellbent on finding Brayker’s key/container that contains the blood of Christ. If he obtains this key (the last of seven), the universe will become a demon’s playground. This night turns into a vicious game of hide and seek – with demons and demon goo! Jada Pinkett Smith, CCH Pounder, Dick Miller, Thomas Haden Church and others make appearances in an attempt to survive within an inn until sunup. La-Mar and Jeremy shield their minds and try not to get Zaned! The Crypt Keeper is there – laughing! Join for this RTS ghoulish Halloween episode and for some party trivia

Rabbit Troop Sucks