The Cable Guy

Episode 89
1h 49m | Feb 23, 2024

Kicked out after asking his girlfriend to marry him, Steven Kovacs (Matthew Broderick) is just looking for some kind of win. Trying to bribe his cable guy (Jim Carry) for a hookup leads down an interesting path. Robin (Leslie Mann) is looking for a stronger relationship. Steven’s father (George Segal) is concerned that you are taking “the pot.” Rick (Jack Black) just wants to go to a concert! And, there’s a couple of rounds of Porno Password with the family. With all of this going on, is there even time to watch the Sam Sweet (Ben Stiller) verdict? Can you even imagine a world where everyone was glued to a screen? Can you imagine being raised by one? Can you fathom 1996’s limited channel options and a lack of streaming services? RTS hosts Denver’s most epic karaoke party and dishes out some “scramby” eggs. La-Mar, Collin and Jeremy will be jousting and wearing chicken skins at Medieval Times. Tune in for this polarizing precautionary tale. Ever hear the phone ring while blow-drying your hair? Call us. Let’s talk about it! “Salt Peanuts. Salt peanuts.” 

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