Terminal Velocity

Episode 83
1h 29m | Jan 12, 2024

Richard ‘Ditch’ Brodie (Charlie Sheen) is the bad boy of the sky. If you are into that, you know all about Ditch’s antics around Arizona. He becomes insta-smitten upon meeting a hesitant student, Chris (Nastassja Kinski), wanting to skydive for the first time. His over-the-top flirtations distract him, and the fun day out turns brutal. But not all is what it seems. Was she former KGB? There is gold! The Russian mafia wants that gold! James Gandolfini might want some of that gold! You know Christopher McDonald wants that sweet, sweet gold! There is intrigue and espionage but there is sky gold! RTS will be watching all of this safely from the ground. What kind of drinks do they have around these parts? La-Mar will be keeping his distance from Sheen-shenie but will also be taking some of that tantalizing gold. Ditch highlights his former Olympian days. Is this Gymkata in the sky? They wish! 

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