Dead Man on Campus

Episode 45
1h 17m | Sep 8, 2023

When Josh (Tom Everett Scott) isn’t drumming for the Oneders, he’s trying to go to school for a medical degree in the 90s. His roommate, Cooper (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), is trying to go to school for parties and nonstop fun. The problem is that Cooper is likeable, and he sucks Josh into his never-ending merriment. Now, both face the realities of failing the semester. Josh will lose his scholarship. Cooper will lose his dad’s tuition payments. They learn that there is a school policy that states if anyone’s roommate dies, surviving students will receive all A’s. Now, this duo is in search of their future roommate, “Mr. Z.” They’re betting on the worst for them to score the best. RTS will meet an array of interesting characters. Collin, La-Mar and Jeremy discuss their amazing attendance records and these improbable situations. Join us for part one of two in this back to school special. School or die! Buckley (Randy Pearlstein) forever!

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