End of Days

Episode 81
1h 13m | Dec 29, 2023

The end is nigh! Every thousand years the devil visits earth to impregnate someone, spawn the antichrist, take over the world and destroy it, etc… You know the story. But, it’s this year! So, now it’s happening! Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is depressed. His life is in shambles and is circling the drain. Although he cares very little for anything, he will be damned if the devil (Gabrriel Bryne) is going to have his way with Christine (Robin Tunney) and ruin the New Year’s Eve festivities. RTS wade their way through delusional promises and have a good time. Jeremy and Collin grab a bite with Bobby Chicago (Kevin Pollak) and meld into others. Pour a glass of bubbly and enjoy this terminator take on supernatural forces. Make sure to have fresh biscotti if you run into the Vatican Knights. Salute! 

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