The To Do List

Episode 41
1h 30m | Aug 11, 2023

Sex! Sex! Sex! It’s 1993 and Brandy Klark (Aubrey Plaza) just graduated high school as valedictorian. As you have guessed, the public education system has left some things out – and that includes anything about sex education. Now, determined to become sexually experienced before college starts, this academic go-getter gives herself some summer homework – with some guidance from her friends and her sister, Amber (Rachel Bilson). During the day she works at the local pool for Willy (Bill Hader), and during the night Brandy juggles dates with Cameron (Johnny Simmons) and others while checking off a list in an attempt to achieve the final goal with Rusty Waters (Scott Porter). RTS are hanging at the pool this summer, and so should you! La-Mar and Nemo discuss this sex positive summer romp over Otter Pops, a SNES and a fun 90s soundtrack. When are we all going to Water World?

Rabbit Troop Sucks