Episode 47
1h 21m | Dec 8, 2023

Jonathan Cabot (Kurt Thomas) is an American gymnast who travels to Parmistan to enter in a last man standing survival game. What is the winner given? A wish from The Khan of Parmistan. More specifically, the U.S. government wants to set up a satellite there. We are sure these would be everyone’s first wishes as well. This is a strange journey that Joanathan will embark on. He starts ‘embarking’ with Princess Rubali (Tetchie Agbayani). She assists in “all forms” of training. She’s also trying to stop Zamir (Richard Norton) from overthrowing her father. They are also engaged. It might get needlessly complicated in areas, but that’s Gymkata, baby! RTS will definitely be hanging out with the guy with the ginormous hawk. Collin, La-Mar and Jeremy will be keeping their distance from Thorg (Bob Schott) and will follow the ninjas – but only the cool ninjas. This movie will aerial cartwheel its way into your heart! Well, if you can make it past the rope bridge. 

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Rabbit Troop Sucks