CSM (R) Adam Nash

Season 1 | Episode 30
1h 48m | May 6, 2023

In this podcast episode, we are joined by CSM (R) Adam Nash, who has served in all the Ranger Battalions and recently retired as the 4th Infantry Division CSM. We discuss his time as the 2/75 CSM and how his Senior NCO newsletter, Sage Rants, indirectly led to the creation of the Legends of the 75th. We also touch on the significance of capturing the stories and experiences of Senior NCOs.

Adam shares his humble beginnings and how he joined the Army to avoid taking out college loans. He fell in love with being a Ranger and the exciting experiences that came with it. We also explore some of the more lighthearted moments of being a Ranger in the 90s and some of the silly things they did.

We delve into how we grow as leaders to meet the expectations of our organizations and the mentors who helped shape Adam's career. Despite feeling inadequate compared to other Rangers, he learned to lead with a mindset that elevated the entire organization.

Adam shares his experiences leading efforts on Objective Rhino, where his squad was assigned to breach the first compound. It was a pivotal moment that made him realize what it meant to be in combat. Despite the seriousness of the situation in Afghanistan, Rangers still found ways to be humorous.

We also talk about the Best Ranger competition, in which Adam participated three times and won once. He shares his journey and what the event means to him.

Adam emphasizes the importance of using the talk of formations to elevate the entire organization, both inside and outside of the Regiment. He believes in recognizing that others may be smarter, faster, or stronger and using that as motivation to achieve more.

••Finally, a correction is made regarding LTC John Staeheli, who was actually Mike's commander in Cco 2/75.

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