Sad Times Preview: Brent Hand | BONUS

Season 14
1h 9m | Oct 2, 2023


Mr. Kevin Crispin has been a mainstay on Hysteria 51 for years now, and we wanted to take a moment and thank him as well as showcase his own podcast, Sad Times.

Brent was a guest on the show and we are releasing that episode here so you can get a better idea of what Sad Times is as a show as well as a very personal look into Brent's life. We hope you enjoy the show and share it with others as it can really help people, and you will find links below for the show and Kevin's social media links.

Original Description

Facing Isolation and Loss: Brent Hand's Journey Through Family Struggles, Mental Health, and Resilience:

Growing up with a family away from town and civilization can be challenging, to say the least. Add to that a mother who deals with mental health issues and isolation and depression can set in. Join us as we talk with Brent about his struggles with his mother, his own health, his family's health and losing both of his parents.

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