Flying Saucers & Serious Satire: Dissecting John Oliver’s UFO Deep Dive | 370

Season 15 | Episode 370
44m | May 1, 2024

John Oliver and his show Last Week Tonight’s latest foray into the unknown was right in our wheelhouse – UFOs. John tackled this enigmatic world with his trademark wit. This week we dive deep into Oliver’s exploration—from Jimmy Carter's extraterrestrial encounters to the controversial paintings of UFOs in Renaissance art. We'll analyze how Oliver balances humor with hard questions about what's really out there, critiquing his take on government cover-ups, media missteps, and public paranoia. Did he miss crucial evidence? Or did he nail the absurdity of the UFO phenomena by realizing it is not so absurd? Join us for a detailed breakdown of the facts, the laughs, and everything in-between, as we separate the science from the silliness in John Oliver's cosmic comedy. 

Plus, we talk upcoming episodes AND start our Lose Your Own Adventure! All that and more this week on Hysteria 51!

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