Raëlity Check: Examining Raëlism, the UFO Religion | 376

Season 16 | Episode 376
58m | Jun 19, 2024

Aliens are finally return this week as we dive into the out-of-this-world beliefs of Raëlism! Founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Rael, this UFO religion claims that life on Earth was engineered by advanced extraterrestrials called the Elohim. Mistaken for gods by our ancestors, the Elohim are said to advocate for world peace, science, and even building an embassy for their grand return. But is this a peaceful interstellar mission or just another wacky cult from the UFO movement? Join us as we explore the bizarre, hilarious, the mind-blowing aspects of Raëlism this week on Hysteria 51.

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