The Creepypasta Phenomenon: Modern Day Folklore? | 368

Season 15 | Episode 368
49m | Apr 17, 2024

This week on H51 we finally dive into the eerie world of creepypasta, those internet-born tales that spook and thrill in equal measure... or just suck. It all depends on the subreddit! From the chilling depths of Slender Man to the unsettling accounts of Jeff the Killer, these stories have seeped from the shadows of the web into the fabric of modern digital folklore. Join us as we explore the origins of creepypasta, how these macabre tales are crafted, and their impact on culture and media. We’ll dissect famous stories, debunk myths, and perhaps even share a new tale or two with the help of returning guest and Sad Times Podcast host, Kevin Crispin. Lock your doors, check your internet connection, (and that is to just keep you safe from Conspiracy Bot) and get ready to be haunted by the stories that lurk online.

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