Blurry Hysteria: Drunk Orca Salad | 375

Season 15 | Episode 375
35m | Jun 5, 2024

It's Weird News Time!

First up, it's an Orca Party! Experts reveal that those orcas attacking boats aren't angry – they're just bored teenagers having a whale of a time. We'll break down the cetacean shenanigans and what it means for boaters everywhere.

Next, say cheers to the Free Buzz! Imagine getting tipsy without a drop of booze – sounds like a dream, right? Not for one woman whose gut fungi decided to throw a constant kegger. Learn how her internal brewery kept the party going and what it means for the future of accidental intoxication.

And finally, we’re taking a crunchy bite into Cicada Yums. When billions of cicadas emerged, some adventurous eaters saw an opportunity for a unique culinary experience. We’ll explore the rise of insect cuisine and why some people think cicadas are the new sushi.

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