A Cryptid Odyssey Across America: Part 1 | 366

Season 15 | Episode 366
59m | Apr 3, 2024

Hysteria 51 embarks on a chilling journey into the heart of America's folklore this week with the first installment of our two-part special, "A Cryptid Odyssey Across America." Inspired by Monica Fish's spine-tingling article in Fangoria magazine, we're uncovering the dark corners of the USA, state by state, to reveal the first 25 of the 50 eerie entities that lurk in the shadows.

From the misty hollows of the Pacific Northwest to the swampy depths of the South, join us as we traverse the country to dig up tales of creatures so bizarre and terrifying, you'll be glad it's daylight. We'll meet cryptids you've heard of—and many you haven't—as we reveal the lore behind each one and ask the question, what's lurking in your backyard?

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