Marsh Mysteries: Decoding the Lizard Man Legend | 363

Season 15 | Episode 363
1h 15m | Feb 28, 2024

Get ready to get moist! Because of the water... nevermind... Anyway, this week our intrepid hosts peel back the layers of conspiracy and folklore to uncover the truth behind the scaly, green guardian of the swamp. Is the Lizard Man just a misunderstood swamp dweller with a penchant for camouflage, or is he part of a reptilian master plan to dominate the podcast waves? Tune in for an expedition filled with odd sightings, eccentric witnesses, and possibly the worst vacation destination ideas ever pitched. Don't miss out on this blend of comedy, mystery, and cryptid lore that will have you laughing until you're green in the face. Subscribe and listen now to catch all the slippery details in "Marsh Mysteries: Decoding the Lizard Man Legend" – where the only thing thicker than the swamp fog is the plot!

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